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2016-presentPhD student in the group of Philipp Treutlein, University of Basel.
2014-2016Master in Physics at the University of Basel; master's thesis in the group of Philipp Treutlein.
2011-2014Bachelor in Physics at the University of Basel.


J. Wolters, R. Mottola, C. Müller, G. Buser, T. Kroh, A. Ahlrichs, S. Ramelow, O. Benson, and P. Treutlein
An efficient, tunable and robust source of narrow-band photon pairs at the Rubidium D1 line,

J. Wolters, G. Buser, A. Horsley, L. Béguin, A. Jöckel, J.-P. Jahn, R. J. Warburton, and P. Treutlein,
Simple atomic quantum memory suitable for semiconductor quantum dot single photons,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 060502 (2017).



Master's thesisDipole-Trapped Atoms at High Optical Depth for Atom-Light Quantum Interfaces,
Quantum Atom Optics Group, Prof. Philipp Treutlein, University of Basel (2016)

Gianni Buser

PhD Student