Chun Tat Ngai


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2017-presentPhD Student in the group of Prof. Dr. Philipp Treutlein, University of Basel
2017Master thesis in Quantum Photonics group of Prof. Dr. Ataç İmamoğlu, ETH Zürich
2016Semester thesis in Quantum Device Lab of Prof. Dr. Andreas Wallraff, ETH Zürich
2015-2017M. Sc. Physics, ETH Zürich
2015Bachelor thesis in the Condensed Matter Theory group with Dr. Vincenzo Giannini, Imperial College London
2012-2015B. Sc Physics, Imperial College London


T. M. Karg, B. Gouraud, C. T. Ngai, G.-L. Schmid, K. Hammerer, and P. Treutlein
Light-mediated strong coupling between a mechanical oscillator and atomic spins one meter apart,
Science 369, 6500 174-179 (2020).

Aymeric Delteil, Chun Tat Ngai, Thomas Fink, and Ataç İmamoğlu
Second-order photon correlation measurement with picosecond resolution using frequency upconversion,
Opt. Lett. 44, 3877 (2019).


Master's thesisMeasurement of Short-Time Photon Correlations Using Frequency Conversion At Picosecond Timescale,
Quantum Optics Group, Prof. Dr. Atac Imamoglu, ETH Zürich (2017).
Semester thesisImproved Laser Scanning Microscopy Method And Characterization Of Annular Lumped Element Resonators,
Quantum Device Lab, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wallraff, ETH Zürich (2016).
Bachelor's thesisGeneral Solution Of Maxwell Equations,
Condensed Matter Theory Group, Supervisor: Dr. Vincenzo Giannini, Imperial College London. (2015)