FS 2018: Introduction to Computational Quantum Mechanics (4 CP)

VV-Nr. 31444-01

LecturerPD Dr. Roman Schmied
Time and place
Lecture: Wednesdays 14:15–16:00, department of physical chemistry, room 3.10
Tutorial: Wednesdays 16:15–18:00, department of physical chemistry, room 3.10
Start dateFebruary 28, 2018
Final lectureMay 30, 2018
Project report dueJune 29, 2018

Contents of the Lecture

Quantum mechanics is too complicated to be done by hand. Even relatively simple problems, such as two interacting particles in a one-dimensional trap, do not have analytic solutions and require the use of computers for their solution and visualization. More complex problems scale exponentially with the number of degrees of freedom, and make the use of large computer simulations unavoidable.
This course will revisit most of the problems encountered in introductory quantum mechanics, focusing on computer implementations for finding analytical as well as numerical solutions and their visualization. We will use these implementations as building blocks for solving more complex problems such as the coherent laser-driven dynamics in the Rubidium hyperfine structure or the Rashba interaction of an electron moving in 2D.
The course will be taught in the Mathematica programming language. No prior knowledge of Mathematica is necessary, and Mathematica licenses will be provided. Alternatives to Mathematica, such as Matlab or Maple, may be used by the students, but only limited help will be available from the instructor.

Lecture Script

You can download the latest version of the lecture script here. You are expected to read ahead in the script and come to the lectures prepared to discuss the topics in the script.

⚠ The script contains Mathematica notebooks – don't print it, use Adobe Reader!