PhD thesis Maryse Ernzer (2023)
"Optical coherent feedback control of a mechanical oscillator"

PhD thesis Paolo Colciaghi (2023)
"Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment with two Bose-Einstein condensates"

PhD thesis Chun Tat Ngai (2022)
"Coherent feedback cooling of a nanomechanical membrane with atomic spins"

PhD thesis Gianni Buser (2021)
"Storing Single Photons in Broadband Vapor Cell Quantum Memories"

PhD thesis Yifan Li (2021)
"Phase coherence and spin squeezing in a two component Bose-Einstein condensate"

PhD thesis Thomas Karg (2020)
"Strong light-mediated coupling between a membrane oscillator and an atomic spin ensemble"

PhD thesis Matteo Fadel (2018)
"Many-particle entanglement, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering and Bell correlations in Bose-Einstein condensates"

Habilitation Roman Schmied (2016)
"Spin squeezing as a probe of many-body quantum correlations"

PhD thesis Aline Vochezer (2016)
"Sympathetic cooling and self-oscillations in a hybrid atom-membrane system"

PhD thesis Andrew Horsley (2015)
"High Resolution Field Imaging with Atomic Vapor Cells"

PhD thesis Andreas Jöckel (2014)
"Sympathetic cooling of a membrane oscillator in a hybrid mechanical-atomic system"

PhD thesis Caspar Ockeloen (2014)
"Quantum Metrology with a Scanning Probe Atom Interferometer"

PhD thesis Maria Korppi (2013)
"Optomechanical Coupling between Ultracold Atoms and a Membrane Oscillator"

PhD thesis Stephan Camerer (2011)
"Interfacing ultracold atoms and mechanical oscillators"

PhD thesis Max Riedel (2010)
"Multi-particle entanglement on an atom chip"

PhD thesis Pascal Böhi (2010)
"Coherent manipulation of ultracold atoms with microwave near-fields"

PhD thesis David Hunger (2010)
"A Bose-Einstein condensate coupled to a micromechanical oscillator"

PhD thesis Philipp Treutlein (2008)
"Coherent manipulation of ultracold atoms on atom chips"