FS 2016: Quantum optics (4 KP)

VV-Nr 25529-01

LecturerProf. Dr. Philipp Treutlein
AssistantsDr. Lucas Beguin and Dr. Janik Wolters
Time and placeLecture: Mondays 10:15–12:00, Klingelbergstr. 82, Alter Hörsaal 2, 1.22
Tutorial: Mondays 13:30–15:00, Klingelbergstr. 82, Alter Hörsaal 2, 1.22
Start Date22 February, 2016
Final Lecture30 May 2016
LanguageEnglish or German


In modern quantum optics experiments, the quantum nature of light and matter can be directly studied. Using atoms and photons, many of the fascinating "Gedanken"experiments of quantum mechanics can now be realized in the laboratory. Novel experimental techniques enable measurements of highest precision and new applications in quantum information. Experiment and theory are often closely connected in this field.

This lecture gives an introduction to quantum optics. We will discuss the basic phenomena and develop the necessary theoretical tools, as well as discuss key experiments in the field. The goal is to provide a solid background for research in quantum optics and related fields.


  1. Quantized harmonic oscillator, Fock states 
  2. Coherent states 
  3. Quantization of the electromagnetic field 
  4. The Casimir force 
  5. Quadratures, squeezing 
  6. Creation and characterization of quantum states of light 
  7. Interference, coherence and correlation functions 
  8. Semiclassical atom-light interaction 
  9. Quantized atom-light interaction: Jaynes-Cummings model 
  10. The vacuum: spontaneous emission, Lamb shift, Casimir force 
  11. Cavity quantum electrodynamics 
  12. Quantum atom optics

Problem sets and handouts

Problem sets and handouts can be downloaded from here.


Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics, classical optics and atomic physics.

Course requirements

Solving and presentation of problem sets and short talk in the journal club.


Master of Physics, Master of Nanoscience, advanced Bachelor students.


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