HS 2022: Quantum Optics - Quantum States of Light (4 KP)

VV-Nr 28346-01

LecturerProf. Dr. Philipp TreutleinProf. Dr. Richard Warburton
Time and placeTutorials: Mondays 10:15–12:00, Neuer Hörsaal 1
Lecture: Thursdays 14:15–16:00, Neuer Hörsaal 1
Start Date19th of September, 2022
Final Lecture22rd of December 2022


Introduction to modern quantum optics, with a focus on quantum states of light
The lecture gives an introduction to the quantum-mechanical nature of light. We will start with a review of basic concepts of classical optics, after which we turn to theoretical concepts in understanding and describing quantum states of light. The lecture will conclude with an overview of key experiments in the field and recent advances to harness the nonclassical nature of light for quantum technologies.

The lecture will follow the following tentative table of contents:

01 - Gaussian Optics
02 - ABCD law
02 - Optical Resonator
03 - Quantization of EM fields
04 - Coherent states
05 - Light-matter interaction
06 - Coherence function
08 - Nonclassical states of light
09 - Nonclassical states of light - characterisation
10 - Test of Quantum Optics
11 - Applications of entanglement in quantum technology
12 - Experimental tests of quantum mechanics
13 - Quantum optics experiments and research


Knowledge of quantum mechanics and classical optics.


Master of Physics, Master of Nanoscience, and advanced Bachelor students.


Introductory Quantum Optics (Gerry and Knight)